Sep 21, 2021

Instagram Marketing: The complete guide to help my business grow

Instagram Marketing: The complete guide to help my business grow

Social media is not just media, it’s a relationship. When on social media, be social, be aware of all the updated trends that are happening around you. As compared to 2020, there has been a 13.2% increase in active social media users worldwide. The biggest challenge of social media marketing is that it involves peer-to-peer conversations. Keeping this in mind, brands must be aware of how they use social media effectively.

Do you know Instagram is the second most popular marketing platform after Facebook? Around 1 billion people use Instagram every month. This means to help your business grow Instagram marketing should be on your plan. If we go by the stats, all the businesses that have made their presence known on the Instagram marketing platform have grown exponentially.

If you are not on Instagram, sign up for an account today.

How to market on Instagram?

It’s easier said than done. Every other individual can tell you to grow your network on Instagram but if they do not share the ultimate guide to do it, then it’s of no use. 

Basically, Instagram marketing is more than just posting pictures, videos, or making reels. It’s more about how posting and sharing stories help your business grow. It’s a global platform that displays content, showcases products, and inspires people. 

The biggest advantage that this platform holds is its visual appearance. Instagram is all about visibility. So, if you have a visually appealing business then you should definitely opt for Instagram marketing.

Now let’s switch from the What to the How of Instagram’s marketing model. Grasp these three major techniques to kill it on Instagram.

1. Planning & Promotion for Instagram

The first stage of every marketing model is planning. Planning involves:

  • Determining your target niche
  • Doing a competitive analysis
  • Following consistent branding techniques
  • Adding more and more followers to your account

It’s the habit of successful entrepreneurs to know well in advance about their competitors. Competitive analysis can help you determine that. Lots of branding and content confuses your audience. Promoting a single brand on a single page is perfect to help your business grow. 

Promoting well on Instagram

Instagram promotion is more than word-of-mouth marketing. You have to follow multiple methods to grow your follower base because it’s not easy to convince people when many other options are waiting for them on the same platform.

Your promotion strategies should consist of – lucrative deals, mind-blowing discounts, BOGO sales, attractive contests, teasers or stories, live launching sessions, story highlights, and much more.

2. Creating a Killer Instagram Strategy

Around 130 million Instagrammers engage with real shopping content on Instagram every month. You are immune from hard selling if you are on Instagram because it allows for easy connection-making strategies.

It’s one of the fastest-growing media. You might pay for growing your followers on Instagram but that won’t work in a real sense. You have to work smartly to kill it on Instagram. While making goals, be sure that they will heavily influence your metrics. For a killer Instagram marketing module, follow this short and effective guide:

  • Make an active Facebook account & connect it to your Instagram account.
  • Make a business profile on Instagram with a bio that stands out.
  • Schedule your Instagram posts well in advance. (Don’t flood your page.)
  • Focus on visual aesthetics because Instagram is all about visual appeal.

Along with focusing on these important details, do not miss posting high-quality content with easy CTA’s. Follow these and make your business grow.

3. Cracking the Instagram Algorithm

The Instagram algorithm can be defined as a medium to provide entertaining, engaging, and relevant content to your followers. There are more than one algorithms each with its own purpose. As per Instagram, the below-mentioned algorithms work well for the feeds. 

  • How many likes did your photo or video get in a post?
  • How often do people engage with the content you post?
  • Did you respond to the comments or likes on the post?

This type of algorithm is known as a score of interest.

The algorithms which affect your posts are:

  1. Time spent on the post.
  2. Likelihood of liking or commenting on the post.
  3. Saving the post or tapping on the profile.

These actions inform Instagram about your interest and will appear on your feed accordingly. Make sure to create a winning strategy for your Instagram presence.

Final Thoughts

Instagram marketing is not an easy task. You need to put in lots of effort to grow your business on Instagram. How about having someone who makes this easier while you can focus on other important things? It’s always better to have a helping hand to guide you. 

Connect with the best-in-class experts who are creating successful social media marketing strategies. Collaborate with Cobold Digital to access customized services matching your business needs. Get a complete digital marketing package under one roof. 

Remember social media is just a buzzword until you come up with a successful plan.

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