Sep 21, 2021

How to start your online store?

How to start your online store?

Imagine living in a world where there are no hassles of dressing up to reach anywhere. Everything reaches your doorstep. A world of fewer worries and more comfort. Dreamy, right? 

We crave such solace. After all, who doesn’t love sitting in the comfort of their bedrooms and getting everything just by imagining? If you are still dreaming this, get up, because you are already living in such a world. Though imagining won’t get you anywhere but you are just a click away from getting everything you want. 

Does your business make such things possible? Do you have a beautiful and interactive online store for selling your products or services? If yes, great. If no, don’t worry, we are here to help. Take a complete idea of how to start your successful online store and reach your audience in no time.

Plenty of options – Which to choose?

If making choices bother you, we totally get you. It’s hard to choose when you are getting multiple options for a single decision. Which feature to select or reject? Let’s solve this puzzle here and now.

Features of a successful online store

1. Clear brand Image

Why do brands like Adidas and Chanel perform well? Because they know how to showcase their image. 

Your logo is your image. Your branding strategy is the key to successful sales. People prefer buying from popular brands. There is no high level of planning needed. You just have to set a recognizable logo, attractive image, and clear calls to action on your online store. 

2. Responsive features

Websites that look and perform equally well on every device are loved and preferred by the customers. Around 79% of smartphone users use their mobile phones for making a purchase online. 

In today’s world, no one will indulge in the hassles of logging in to their laptops or PCs for buying something online. Smartphones are the preferred gadgets. Make your online store mobile responsive and you are good to go.

3. Stay updated

If in the current scenario, you are not updated you are nowhere. Your regular customers will hate scrolling down to find new deals. Update the latest offers on your homepage and keep them connected to the shopping cart. 

4. High-resolution pictures

A product image is the first impression you make to guarantee sales. Low-resolution pictures are the most hated aspect of any website. 

The majority of people prefer Myntra because their product showcasing game is very strong. They use videos alongside images to show a 360-degree view of the product. Make a strong impression with high-quality pictures to win customers for your online store.

5. Impressive deals

There is very vast competition in the online world. Your competitors will apply every possible tactic to attract more customers. So, whatever you do to retain your customer’s matters a lot. 

People are attracted to great deals and freebies. And, why not? If you purchase for more than 2k then, of course, you will prefer some offer or a gift with it. That’s where you can make your online game strong. Make offers and giveaways a big part of your promotional strategy.

6. Safe & secure experiences 

Everybody opts for safe shopping experiences. Install trust marks on your online store so that your customers know they are on a safe site. These are the tiny images that guarantee safe experiences. 

The majority of people pay online. This means their payment details will be shared on the server so it becomes your responsibility to ensure a safe and secure online store. Remember, trust plays a key role in the online world.

7. Ease of usage:

Do you hate scrolling, continuous loading, and no CTA’s? Your customers also hate the same. They prefer seamless experiences. Generate quick CTA’s with every product on your website. One should know where to click to make a purchase or reach the cart. 

Your content also plays a predominant role. “BUY” and “FILTERS” buttons should be simple and clear. Incorporate best practices on your online store and be at the top of the digital competition.

Focus on when not how to start your online store

Are you ready to leave your footprints in the digital world? If yes, then see how Cobold Digital, is delivering beautiful web experiences. Select your timeline and leave all the brainstorming to our wonderful team. With several years of experience in designing and development, the experts in the business (that’s us!) have always satisfied their clients.

Taking your business online might sound interesting but it comes with lots of strategic planning. When everything is online, it becomes mandatory to secure a place in the online world. Success doesn’t come to you overnight. You have to take a step towards success one day at a time, every day. The ones who are successful are the ones who know that ‘success depends on its second letter.

How to promote my business on social media?

Building trust is a matter of revealing your genuine self to the market. No one believes in an identityless being. As of today, if you are not on social media, then you are nowhere.

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