Nov 08, 2021

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Incorporated in 2017 and based in New Delhi, India, Cobold Digital helps clients transform their respective businesses with cloud-first technology solutions. Located in the tech hotspot of Gurugram at the edge of New Delhi, Cobold works at the innovative intersection of web technology and the power of modern user-centric design and development excellence for business growth. 

Cobold stands for a personification of sorts. Cobold (or kobold) is a mythological being that helps to do essential chores. Passionate, energetic, and magical, they are also very loyal and embody the company’s values. Cobold transforms digital ideas to life with creative and innovative designs and establishes a successful brand identity with authentic designs. The professionals at Cobold Digital provide solutions for every type of business on time and within budget.

At first sight, Cobold Digital resembles a development agency producing advanced software applications that solve severe business problems. At a deeper examination, one sees that Cobold Digital allies with businesses of all sizes to empower traditional companies using technology.

The expert team makes customers fall in love with brands using bespoke digital solutions! Cobold Digital is a full-service digital firm with capabilities from web/app design & development to marketing, different transformation services, and much more.

The GoodFirms team had a conversation with the founding partner, Himanshu Sukhwani, who started the interview by mentioning that Cobold has been created with the vision of reimagining the Indian small-website cottage industry to deliver a desperately needed reboot.

Himanshu is a pure resident of the digital nation; who works, learns, and ideates to produce simple, intuitive products to solve specific challenges. He helps his team deliver world-class digital products from right here in India. He is also responsible for building a team of innovators, thinkers, and doers called Cobold Digital. 

Further, Himanshu mentions that as the Principal Partner, in addition to ensuring a strategic vision and putting everyone on the right track, he sees his role as a facilitator of growth for both clients and employees. This growth automatically transposes to be a change for the company.

Further, Himanshu mentions the idea behind starting the business. He says that the demand gap was evident. With so many businesses crowding the market, it was clear that the way the business is done necessitated an overhaul. Web and digital products were overpriced, the quality was low, and the post-delivery service was shocking. He wanted to fill this gap. 

He says,  “We help businesses on their digital journey and transform businesses with cloud-first technology solutions. We do this by staying within budget and focusing on customer delight for our universal client base.”

Himanshu continues by speaking of the services rendered by Cobold Digital and mentions that he is passionate about websites, clients, and business growth and that he hates to see all three go out just because someone hacks together a cheap website template for the price of a pair of One Plus Buds. Cobold Digital helps clients with website revamping or building websites from scratch. With proper planning, experience, talent, and execution, they deliver responsive, user-friendly websites on time and on budget. 

Thus, providing high performance, feature-rich websites, across devices and browsers would soon make Cobold Digital as one of the top website development companies in India at GoodFirms.

The review displayed below proves the quality of websites developed at Cobold Digital.

Client testimony of developing website with Cobold
Client testimony for website development with Cobold

The team helps customers modernize their operations, defeat challenges, and boost productivity by enhancing consumer experiences with applications that solve problems and deliver better business value. Following collaborative steps with the client to code once and provide a consistent experience that’s customized and fully packed with the specificity to match every business – reducing time to market and allowing the swift growth for businesses.

At Cobold, the people are not just service-centric, but client-centric. Right from the discovery stage, they take a collaborative approach. The client gets converted into a partner in the development journey and isn’t shut out from any part of the process they want a more significant say in.

No two projects or clients are the same; this is why agile processes that can quickly be improvised to fit each client’s unique requirements are utilized. Long-term relationships with global clients are carefully nurtured since only the best can survive in this highly competitive market. The team adds a fast pace of project delivery and incredible talent that works together to bring smiles to customers’ faces and that is the company differentiation.

These expert app developers produce apps that improve speed, flexibility, and functionality while giving a seamless user experience. They also provide multi-platform-based expertise that matches any user, market, and industry.

Thus, helping customers launch products and services faster, with better security and quality establishes Cobold Digital as one of the leading Ionic app development companies at GoodFirms.

The review obtained at GoodFirms reflects the quality of feature-rich apps developed at Cobold Digital.

Client testimony of developing apps with Cobold
Client testimony for app development with Cobold

In conclusion, Himanshu mentions that the post-pandemic business landscape has proved even more motivating to press on with the goal as more and more businesses embrace the digital dream of connecting with customers across geographies and languages.

Further, Himanshu is proud to divulge that most of the development process is 100% in-house. This means that the team isn’t working in their silos, cut off from each other. Their talent pool is exceptional, and the work culture, to put it simply, is all about fostering an excellent place to work. With a focused team, they tap into the influence of open communications, interacting optimally to meet and exceed client expectations.

Cobold Digital actively seeks out new business since they’re relatively new and are growth-driven, but 70% of their work comes from existing clients or clients who they have worked with in the past. Their clients belong to various industries, so we can safely say they’ve worked with almost all industry verticals, from manufacturers, real estate companies, finance, e-commerce, travel, and retailers to more novel projects for EdTech, pet care, and even religious wellness industries.

These are excerpts from Himanshu’s interview, you can also read the detailed interview published at GoodFirms.


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