Nov 15, 2021

Cobold Digital is ranked #10 in the top 100 Indian design companies

Cobold Digital is ranked #10 in the top 100 Indian design companies

At Cobold Digital, we are immensely proud to be ranked 10th in India and 3rd in Delhi by The Manifest in their list of the top 100 Web Design companies. We dedicate this remarkable achievement to the exemplary determination of our team who have always pushed their limits to achieve extraordinary results and recognition by our clients. We value the trust that our clients have placed in us – this is what has made this achievement possible. 

This achievement is also the result of the cutting-edge websites we have designed and delivered over time. We incorporate innovation and simplicity in our web designs along with a perfect blend of animation and interactivity. Our next-level websites are the combinations of user experiences, visual designs, branding and business solutions, content marketing, and digital marketing strategies. 

With over ten years of experience and expertise in web design and development, we strive to achieve excellence in every sphere. We’re committed to our objective of crafting unique digital experiences for the world with our advanced solutions. 


About the Manifest

The Manifest is a business news website that is powered by Clutch. It ranks companies based on their service focus and the client reviews received on Clutch, which is a B2B research, rating, and review site. These rankings help customers identify the digital services & support that their business deserves.

Cobold Digital wins big at Shutterstock Foxglove Awards 2021 for the Best Corporate Website

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