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We created a truly international website powered by WordPress, complete with powerful features, enterprise level appointment scheduling and notifications, and international payments integration. In addition, we also made the website simple to manage and easy to update with a point and click user interface.

Quick facts

  • Spiritual Wellness industry
  • Services: Website Development
  • Technologies: WordPress, React Native, React, VueJS, NodeJS, PHP, MySQL
  • Time to completion: 6 months

The Challenge

For an international website to appeal to a diverse set of global audience, the website would need to be feature rich, support global payments and make information available in a highly relevant format. In addition, the client should be able to update the content regularly without help. Finally, the website would also need to be visually appealing and enable a smooth user experience.

The Strategy

Advanced Features, Simple Content Updation

A website that relies on developers to update content was not feasible. So content updates needed to rely on a simple user interface based process. This would be challenging because of the advanced features that the client needed for her business website.

Ensure Seamless Experiences

Audience that are not engaged instantly, tend to lose interest. This is why a personalized and seamless interaction experience needed to be built into the website - one that enabled a personal connection with customers without delays.

Make A Website Relevant Globally

A diverse audience from different places and cultures, different timezones and different nationalities made providing consistent website experiences and information, challenging. In addition, the payment gateway used would need to be trusted the world over.

Enterprise Level Booking Experience

As the pandemic showed, having a process in place that was scalable would be critical for businesses. This would mean an appointment and booking process that was independent of human oversight. Such a system would ensure people all over the globe could book appointments and pay online without delays or hassles.

The Result

An exciting and attractive website, complete with everything that’s needed to ensure it caters to an international audience, it’s what the ask was, and it’s what we delivered! We created a website with powerful features, world class look and feel, and one that’s ready for any mobile device.

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